16 October 2005

Retreat of Silence (ROS)

So the big camping trip (see the prior entry) was centered around a retreat of silence. It was, in short, a chance for me to get away from normal life, meditate, study, and pray. Now, in my case, as a Christian, I studied the Bible for quite a long time. Several hours Saturday morning. Another hour or so in the afternoon, and then a little while longer in the evening.

On top of the study time, I spent time in prayer and meditation, especially on Friday night, and a little on Saturday morning.

The rest of the time was spent: setting up camp, cooking, cleaning, cycling, geocaching, listening to the Gator football game, sleeping, and breaking camp. I got to Lake Louisa State Park on Friday night, around 7 p.m., and left on Sunday, around noon. In between, I had a relaxing and refreshing time. More posts on some of what I learned, and enjoyed most about the weekend will probably follow in the next day or so.


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