25 January 2006

Riding with the Blue Moth

I just finished reading a book. This is worth commenting on for two reasons. First, it is the first book that I have had the time to read in a couple of years that was not children's literature. It seems that 90% of my reading these days is either at work or to my kids.

The other reason that this is worth commenting on is that it was a good book. I read Riding with the Blue Moth by Bill Hancock. The background on the book is that Hancock's son Will was on the airplane from Oklahoma State University that crashed several years ago killing one basketball player and several staff members of the basketball program. Hancock begins by telling of his grief and depression. Eventually, he decides that it is time to start putting "one foot in front of the other." To jumpstart this process he and his wife decide to pursue his long time dream of riding his bicycle across the United States.

The book is a journal of his ride. It is also a journal of how he dealt with his grief along the way. Each day's narrative includes the basic facts of where he rode from and to, where they spent the night. The narrative also talks about the songs running through his head as rode that day. On several occassions, he details "angels" that he meets along the way; people who encourage him, or say thought-provoking things. Throughout the journey Hancock was hounded by the "blue moth," his metaphor for the grief from the loss of his son.

At several points along the way, Hancock writes life lessons for his young granddaughter. Will's daughter was an infant when her father died.

You can find the book at Amazon, or other bookstores.


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