22 February 2006

Weekend without my Wife

I once again learned a new appreciation for my wife. She left town for the weekend. She and her mom took a long weekend away. Certainly my wife needed and deserved the break. But I am glad that she is back.

Normally when she goes away, I am happy to have her back because: (1) I don't like to cook, (2) I don't like to do laundry, or (3) the kids are difficult to manage. This time, those didn't really apply. Cooking wasn't hard. We had lots of plans, and several of them involved meals, so I only had to cook one dinner, and prepare a breakfast and a lunch. Not hard at all. The kids are old enough to help load the dishwasher, so the dishes weren't a problem either. I simply did not do laundry this weekend. There was no time to, with all that happened.

The kids were mostly easy to handle. Maybe I am getting better at this whole dad thing. Since my oldest is 11, I guess I ought to get better. I was sick all day Friday before my wife left. Saturday morning, my kids made me breakfast in bed. I think this was orchestrated by my son, the oldest. The rest of the day Saturday was busy getting the two oldest to their basketball games, getting them cleaned up afterwards, and taking all the kids to a birthday party. Everyone cooperated and the day went smoothly. Sunday was church. I had to get everyone up extra early to have time to get everyone ready. I put on a video at church while we did the setup. After church, we went out to lunch with friends. My kids behaved really well, except that one of my daughters had hurt feelings and needed some extra attention. Sunday afternoon we all played, and then I made dinner. The only challenges were Sunday night; but, that it is a story that deserves its own post. Sunday night was emotionally challenging, more that it was about the kids being unruly.

It is the emotional challenge that really made me miss my wife. Without a doubt, I need her. She provides so much support, and is such a wonderful friend. I am truly blessed that she is in my life. So, in the event that she someday reads this post, I hope that she will know that I truly love her and am thankful that she is my wife, friend, supporter, advocate, helper, lover, etc. Thank you honey.


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