02 April 2006

NCAA Finals: Gators vs. UCLA

The Gators looked very strong against George Mason. They won handily. George Mason did not put up any where near the challenge that most expected. Lee Humphrey had a great shooting night. He has been one of my favorite players on the team since his freshman year. Back then, he started the year on the bench. When he got in the game, he frequently looked lost. He asked about redshirting, but had already played in a game, and couldn't. He practiced hard and became a starter late in the season after Christian Drejer left the team.

I had the chance to meet Lee Humphrey at the basketball camp at UF last summer, when I went with my son. I really enjoyed meeting him and think highly of him. He is well spoken, polite, and good with the kids. It is great to see someone with good character do well. In fact, all of the Gators that I met were really likeable and easy to talk to at the camp.

UCLA absolutely embarrassed LSU in the late game tonight. Florida will need to play better defense than LSU if they want to win. I think that it will be a good game. I can't wait to go.


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