11 June 2006

BRAG - Day 1 - Dalton to Cartersville

We rode 74 miles today amidst beautiful scenery to arrive in Cartersville. I rode up several hills bigger than anything that I have seen in Florida, including Sugarloaf Mountain.

As I got up at 6am, there were already people on their bikes, heading out for the day. At the first turn was the first hill.

I had some great conversations on the bike. I started out riding with a guy and his teenage son. Steve is a church planter in Warner-Robins, GA. His son, Riley is 15. We rode together for a long time and talked about church planting and cycling.

I also came across a kid named AJ. He is 11 years old, and was riding hard. We raced a couple of times.

There are a lot of kids on BRAG. They are all ages, from toddlers riding in trailers, to college students riding with friends or parents. One family has a tandem bicycle with three seats, and are pulling a trailer. They are all wearing matching clothes. I need to try to get a picture of them tomorrow.

The ride today was strenuous. I was probably dehydrated in the hottest part of the day. It will be tough going in the morning, until my legs loosen up.

So far everything has gone off with hardly a hitch. There was one rest stop that had run out of water and powerade, but not much else.

73.86 mi
13.6 mph avg.
37.8 mph max.

HRM (includes setting up camp)
141 hr avg.
180 hr max.

The movie for tonight is Walk The Line, the story about Johnnie Cash. I got bored and left early.

More tomorrow.


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