14 June 2006

BRAG Day 3 - Jasper to Gainesville

Whoever designed today's route is a sadist. There were long hills, steep hills, and long steep hills. There were roads with lots of traffic. One rest stop was at the top of a steep hill that we had to ride back down to resume the course. Then, at the end, the luggage trucks were located on the campus of Gainesville at the highest point of campus, up a steep access road. And to think, this is my "vacation."

I found one way to take my mind off the pain of going uphill, I have been helping others up the hill by pushing them as I ride. I gave pushes to four or five people up about a dozen hills. I found that it is a good way to make friends. Several of the people I have been helping are now friends.

I had a much better night's sleep last night. In spite of the snoring from the tent next door, and the people talking outside when I went to bed, I fell asleep quickly, and slept very soundly. I was up just before six, and we left for our ride around seven. I rode with Steve and Riley until I rode away from them on a fast downhill. I met up with them again at the rest stop. We rode together for most of the day.

I also rode with several other people. It seems like it is easy to make friends and talk while riding or eating at a rest stop. For instance, I met Tommy, who uses his bike as his exclusive form of transportation. He uses a trailer to tow all of his gear every day at BRAG. Tomorrow is his rest day. He will leave the gear in Gainesville while he rides the century.

Tomorrow is the day off. I will spend it with my family, who drove up to see me.


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